Studies show that visual data is processed many times faster than text and in the modern world where people have increasingly shorter attention spans, an infographic will communicate far more effectively than pure text.

Infographics are nothing new and the first infographic was created in 1626 by Christoph Scheiner showing the rotation of the sun, however their popularity has seen a distinct surge since the invention of the internet. offer a creative infographic design, illustration and marketing service including:

  • Researching your chosen subject matter
  • Providing an outline of your infographic in either German or English
  • Writing and designing the infographic, including providing original illustrations if required

The infographic can then either be used in presentation material or on posters, alternatively for German SEO campaigns, we will market your infographic to a range of social media sites and infographic sharing sites, including a German description of it and a link to your website.

Infographics are accepted by a wider range of sites than other image sharing sites, often with a higher domain authority and more visitors and as well as the links from them giving your website a boost in the search results, you will also receive direct visitors from the infographics themselves.